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Week 1 down!  And I’m pretty chuffed with myself really.  If you didn’t know already I’m training to run the Miners Trail 15km miners trail week 1run at Motatapu on March 10th 2018.  So you can’t get away without training for it.



I aimed for 5 workouts and did 4 of them.  Not bad for the first week.

Monday 11 December 2017

First run time.  Always the hardest, always want to put it off, but out I went on a sunny lunchtime.  I plodded along and ran for 30mins straight #Proud

Tuesday 12 December 2017

My first strength session in awhile, and it was good! I stuck to mostly bodyweight or lighter weights so I could actually run again tomorrow 🙂

1A: Suitcase DL – 3 x 12 – 16kg kettlebell
1B: Standing Band Chop – 3 x 12
2A: Squat to box – 3 x 12 – 16kg kettlebell
2B: One-Arm Split-Stance Row – 3×12 – 9kg dumbbell
2C: Pushup elevated – can only go half way down in a tricep pushup with a shoulder injury I am doing rehab on
3A: Split squat 3 x 15 each

Start and end the session on the foam roller and rower

hill sprints

Hill sprint hell

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Hill sprints hurrah! 10min Easy jog then: 5x (30sec @ Hill Sprint / 3min Walk downhill) + 5min Easy jog to end
This was tough, but I kinda enjoyed it. Pushed myself hard on the last sprint to reach the point that I made on my first sprint.  Felt like vomiting . . .

Saturday 16 December 2017

Strength session number 2 for the week.  Aiming to get those legs and core strong for all the running and up hill action I will be doing

1A: BB Sumo DL – 3 x 12
1B: Weighted Slow Mountain Climber – 3 x 10 each
2A: Pushup elevated – can only go half way down in a tricep pushup with a shoulder injury I am doing rehab on
2B: Feet-Elevated Glute Bridge (mini band around knees) – 3 x 15
3A: TRX row 3 x 10
3B: TRX supported one leg squat 3 x 10
3C: Calf raise 3 x 10

home gym

Our home gym!

12 weeks to go until the Miners Trail!  Let’s go week 2 boom!  My bum and calves hurt.  I’m happy about that.

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